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We live the age of on-line business. It hardly needs to be emphasised that INTERNET marketing tools and SEO for bonuses especially are the most important tools to attract visitors and generate high traffic to websites. This holds true for online gambling sites as well.

Some of the sites offer free slot games that you can play free of charge - town specific TLDs like .LA have already come into existence: is a good example to this.

The number of affiliated internet casino sites is increasing day-by-day with competition getting stronger and stronger causing good positioned well-to-do sites to slip and lose money against the new successors. And due to some tricks new comers can pose a real threat to the well-established online gambling businesses and online casinos alike.

Beyond search engine optimization for online gambling businesses

To gain that competitive edge that can send your positions soarring is something that many online casino ventures are aiming to reach. The fight has become so desperate that some of them even try some of those black hat seo tricks and tactics that are not recommended and that google frowns upon.

What is going on with online casinos?

You can find many affiliates that promote online casino products and offer best casino bonuses. Online casino guides and directories are mushrooming at a high speed driving traffic to businesses that diversify through affiliate programmes to retain and even increase their income of online gambling.

You can see positions changing and fluctuating - well established names slipping down and new sites evolving out of nowhere.

Some of them may use black hat seo to achieve temporary good positions in the casinos listed - which may in turn result in a complete ban from google but at least in a substantial drop in positions. Everyone is now looking at the SERP - and competition is more fierce than ever.

Country specific terms for online casino games

To grab a piece of the cake in the serps for serch phrases that players actually look for you should seo your site for terms used in the target market. Online slots for example a widely used term on the net to describe casino slots - in the UK however they tend to use the term fruit machine and online pokies in Australia to find poker machine or slot machine. In Scandinavia they call it slotmaskiner or spilleautomater and they really like slot machines!

What can you do to perform well and keep your online gambling business going? You bet this is what everyone wants to know...

Paid links are a risky business. Why do many site owners use paid inclusions then? Casino world and gambling businesses are difficult to promote on the internet because of the nature of such sites and that of the affiliate programs.

Now, it seems that google has started to test adwords for gambling related businesses in the UK. Also, the Kentucky thing (grabbing internet casino domain names) makes it difficult to operate.
We are experiencing interesting times...


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Online gambling marketing - Online casinos - Pokie games online - Online casino slot games
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