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Poker - whatever you want

I always hated card games - that's my issue, never mind. Why? I do not really know. i was always open to learn the rules and adopt myself to them but for some reason I was not lucky enough or had bad luck.

Luck in poker bad luck in love?

Well, this saying might not be true but its a good way for conolence for those who have just lost a game of poker. I was not lucky in these card games and in love either. I never gamble - I always play for fun - whenever my friends ask me to join and I am the missing piece. I wish I could play it perfectly...

Online poker

Though there are different card games like blackjack, solitaire and other table games I tend to agree with people who say that poker played online is not only fun but a good source of making money. You need to wager some amount of cash to be able to play the game but with some experience and elemts of luck you can try your luck and get some rewards.

Card games - the hard choice

Hardened players say that the game requires strategy, tactics and interpersonal skills. I have seen a couple of coverages of such celebrity featured poker tournaments on television and I could see real poker face making hundreds of thousands of bucks cashing on in the game.

By the way: the only cardgame I like is the strip poker..


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