Where are my glasses?

Miss Fipps and Miss Jones are two old women. They live together in a small house. They both wear glasses because they cannot see very well.

.      That's funny. My glasses were in my handbag a few minutes ago. They have gone! Where are they?

.      How strange! Did you leave them on the desk? Are they under the newspaper?

.      No, I haven't sat at the desk today. And the newspaper's on my knee.

.      Then perhaps they're on your chair. Are you sitting on them?

.      Of course not. I am not as stupid as that!

.      Well, let's think. Did you go upstairs?

.      No, I didn't. I came in only five minutes ago. Now, let me see... I went shopping and came home by bus. Oh dear, perhaps I left them on the bus.

.      Or in a shop?

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.      No, not in a shop. I can't get on a bus without my glasses. So I had them when I got on the bus.

.      What do they look like? I can't remember.

.      Really, my dear. I have had those glasses for seven years. And you can't remember what they look like? They're round and they're brown and they have a little gold piece on each side.

.      Of course! I remember now. Well, isn't that odd! I'll go and have a look in the kitchen. Perhaps you left them there. (She gets up and goes towards the door.)

.      Turn around for a minute, dear.

.      Why?

.      I think you have something on your nose. What is it?

.      Nothing, my dear.

.      Yes, you have. You're wearing my glasses.

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