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1., Az ajtó nem akar kinyílni.

2.,A kocsidra ráférne egy mosás.

3., Mit gondolsz hol lakik?

üzleti angol

Health and travel in one?

Dental implants, dental treatment abroad

Have you ever thought of having your teeth treated overseas?
A team of professional dentists in Budapest and in the country of Hungary provide quality services at affordable prices. All you need to do is fill in an online form and attach some medical history items and you can start planning your medical tour to Budapest.

Dental care - Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry abroad - a good choice to get a cheap dental service
(extraction, resection, root canal treatment) - Do you need a crown, bridges or dentures?
A Budapest based team is the right choice for cosmetic procedures or teeth whitening.
An extreme makeover for a healty smile is not a problem, either.
Some people look for solutions for a whole dental work:
full mouth dental implants cost and prices are attractive in Budapest!

Private dental care - high quality dentistry paired with affordable prices!
Premium services - Save 60-70%! Medical vacation with professional service in Hungary.

Dental clinics in Budapest

Did you know that Hungary alone attracks 40% of all European dental patients? This true: more and more patients leave Budapest satisfied with a smile on their face. Hungarian dental clinics live up to expectations - they deliver what they promise: UK and Irish patients can save 60% on their local costs and they get a better quality treatment than at home. To read reviews of high quality and popular dental clinics in Hungary visit the site.

Why Hungary for dental services?

LaPortaDental employs teams of highly qualified dentists
and offers top quality dental care at low prices.
Hair loss surgery in Budapest with hair-transplants.net
Hairloss24 - portal dedicated to hair loss issues
All dentists at La Porta are highly educated and experienced specialists.
In Norway you can check out www.tann-implantater.com
In spain: implante dental baratos



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With the costs of dental treatment in the UK rising, more and more people choose Hungary for dental care and save up p to 70%!!

Dental implants
Porcelain veneers
Crown work
Bridge work
Oral hygiene
Root canal
Affordable dentistry


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